Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns in U.S. Real Estate Investments

Investment Strategy


We achieve investment objectives through a four-pillar strategy:

Strict focus on US Multihousing: This sector has been the least volatile and most resilient real estate asset class during economic downturns, and has provided attractive upside benefit during economic upswings.

Best-in-Class Operating Partner Network: Over our decade and a half of existence, we have carefully assembled a network of well-established best-in-class Operating Partners who are able to identify compelling investment opportunities, possess invaluable market-specific knowledge, and provide superior property management services. Our Operating Partners invest alongside us to ensure a genuine alignment of interests that is essential for a mutually beneficial Partnership.

Deep in-house expertise in Real Estate and Multihousing: Our team’s collective experience in acquisitions, underwriting, asset management, & investing comprises multiple decades; it covers assets and portfolios all over the eastern half of the U.S., and spans multiple economic upswings and downturns. Our internal processes have been refined over the many years in which we have operated as a cohesive team.

The combination of our own expertise and that of our Operating Partners allows us to identify best practices in the industry; identify simultaneous opportunities in multiple markets; access local market intelligence; and execute business plans efficiently and realize the projected returns.

Disciplined underwriting and asset management.
Our underwriting criteria focus on three interdependent areas:

  • Macro & microeconomic metrics, e.g. monetary policy & capital flows, demographics, & job creation;
  • Real estate fundamentals, e.g. supply and demand dynamics, intrinsic value, cash flow, & valuation;
  • Value creation, e.g. Operating Partner selection, business plan feasibility & execution, exit criteria.

Our pro-active asset management ensures a superior execution of business plans; we continuously monitor the asset and maintain an active dialogue with the Operating Partner, and inspect the asset periodically and at critical junctions in its lifecycle.